Just wanted to share a list of my favorite web series/vlogs that have to do with Broadway and theater. If you haven’t seen these or you’re new to the Broadway fandom, I highly suggest that you check these out!

  • The Battery’s Down: Jake Wilson is a struggling actor in New York trying to break into Broadway. This web series features a plethora of catchy original music (“This Is Your Life” in part two of episode one is my favorite), Broadway stars, celebrities, and, of course, UMich alum. This is only a link to episode one/part one, but it’s pretty easy to find the rest of the videos.
  • Andrew’s Blog: Follow (pre-Crutchie) Andrew Keenan-Bolger as he documents adventures as a cast member in the North Shore production of High School Musical, the national tour of Spelling Bee, and other silly shenanigans. It seems that a portion of the videos were deleted/privated, but the ones that are still available are definitely must-watches if you’re an AKB fan. Warning: the theme song is super catchy; you may or may not find yourself singing it spontaneously and loudly. 
  • Submissions Only: An inside look at a fictional Broadway casting agency. Created by AKB and Kate Weatherhead (who also stars as the main character Penny), this web series is hilarious and chock-full of guest stars. And the best part is that season three is still to come.
  • TotallyTrucked: Behind-the-scenes videos created by the cast of the first national tour of Spring Awakening. These are funny and super entertaining, and you’ll probably fall in love with this cast. Featuring Taylor Trensch, Kyle Riabko, Jake Epstein, Christy Altomare, Blake Bashoff, and (future SMASH star) Andy Mientus. 
  • Telly Leung’s RENT: The Broadway Tour Vlog: Pre-Warbler Telly Leung takes you backstage on the tour of Rent circa 2008-2009. Personally, this isn’t my favorite of the tour vlogs, but it’s worth watching if you’re a Rent fan, especially if you love Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp.
  • Rock of Ages Productions: Exaggerated backstage look at Rock of Ages on (and off) Broadway. I’m not a fan of ROA, but this slightly offensive series is pretty entertaining and amusing. Featuring Wesley Taylor and Jeremy Jordan when he was an understudy for the role of Drew. Will Swenson also pops up occasionally.
  • the [title of show] show: The four-member cast (and sometimes Larry) of [title of show] document their journey to Broadway in this ridiculously hilarious series. There’s puppets, claymation, doodly-doos, and an entire episode dedicated to guest stars. If you watch nothing else on this list, please please PLEASE watch this series. You won’t regret it.
  • Legally Brown: The Search for the Next Piragua Guy: A parody of MTV’s “Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods,” the creators of In the Heights hold a contest for Broadway stars to audition to be a replacement for the role of Piragua Guy. Contestants feature pre-Glee Matthew Morrison, Hunter Bell, Norm Lewis, Telly Leung, Allison Janney, and Cheyenne Jackson. This is also a must-watch.

Also here’s some interview-type stuff too:

  • Show People With Paul Wontorek: If you liked his Aaron Tveit interview, you’ll probably like his other interviews, too. Paul Wontorek knows his stuff and clearly loves speaking to every guest.
  • OBSESSED! With Seth Rudetsky: Seth Rudetsky is wonderful and talented and knows everything about Broadway and music theory. This is an awesome series to hear Broadway stars sing and tell funny anecdotes from shows. Actually, I can sum up this series in one word: Amahzing.
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